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After speaking with 100's of parents, guardians and carers, we have learned that one of the most distressing and high energy burden moments while having toddlers is the process of physically putting shoes on to their children's feet.

Squeezing, manipulating, stretching, forcing, untying, retying, disfiguring, bribing and appeasing were just some of the daily efforts made during the shoe-dressing task.

From parents and carers to nursery staff, the process of putting shoes on children is mostly regarded as a chore. The need to reduce the time and energy spent during this daily scenario was so considerable that we made it a goal to design and manufacture footwear which tackled this problem head-on. The result is our fabulous BêJaKs footwear range.

BêJaKs has designed a time & energy saving feature which allows easy fitting, width consideration and custom application to the foot each and every time they are worn. (UK Patent App #1308305.0)

On many shoes in the range, the lip opens up to allow both quick and effortless access to the main body of the shoe. Once the foot is in place, the shoe is then closed and securely fastened to itself without compromising style or form. Not only does this solve the problem of stressful shoe fitting, it conquers the common concern of obtaining the correct width shoe for the child. BêJaKs unique system takes the foot's width into consideration and can be easily adjusted for fuller, thinner, wider or narrower feet, or a looser or tighter fit.


Additional Features...

Each BêJaK shoe is specially hand-crafted by an expert footwear maker to perfectly fit young children's feet. Our strict quality control ensures excellence and elegance comes with each and every pair.

Full grain child-safe leather: Extra Supple, Eco-friendly, Water Resistant, Comfortable, Durable.

BêJaKs Grip-sole: Unique thermo-plastic rubber 'bobble' design that covers the whole under surface of the shoe for super non-marking grip in both wet and dry conditions. Light-weight and soft impact technology reduces the shock forces during walking, protects feet and provides excellent stability qualities.

Arch Support System: Superior arch support included for assisted foot positioning, combined with a foam cushioned shaped insole for increased comfort.

Secure Strap System: Feel confident that our footwear will stay on the child's foot despite the adventures they embark on.      

Prolonged Life: Extra layering and detailed stitching not only improves the aesthetic qualities, but also strengthens the most common areas of stress and wear on the shoe. 

Pull-Tag: A simple feature we have added across the whole range to assist with the easy fitting of our shoes.             

Unisex: The majority of our range has been carefully designed so both boys and girls can enjoy them.